Cancellation of Middleton Fair Due to Fires in the Region

Calendar of Events for 2019

Meetings start at 7.30pm followed by a speaker at 8pm followed by supper. Held at the Middleton Community Hall, 25 McDowall Street.

For further information contact Daniela or Stan Sheppard, Events Coordinators, on email

Garden Conversations for 2019 – what we might see.
    • small cottage garden – Spring (September – October)
    • established garden (in some state of disrepair) recently acquired – journey of hard work
    • Boardwalk garden – what can be done starting with a small dam – started in June 2018
    • Wicking garden beds – how & why & more – could be a workshop???
    • Vines and gardens – Trial Bay – negotiating

June / July – Mid Winter Feast / Christmas in July

June: Monday 3rd Meeting @ 7:30PM Guest Speaker (tba)

May: Monday 6th Meeting @ 7:30PM – Guest Speaker TBC Manager Woolmer’s Estate talking roses-

April: Monday 1st Meeting @ 7:00PM – Guest Speaker – Margot White (RTBG) talking about all things tomatoes,
heirlooms, how the RTBG chooses what they grow to sell, heroes and more.
Can you bring: # Examples of different types of tomatoes you have grown this
season. Our club members chose 110 varieties from the 220 the
RTBG. You are not restricted to RTBG varieties. As your tomatoes may be
finished by April 1st take some photos with a name tag and we can display
these. Send your images to us. (Here is an example of one club member’s
# what do do with your tomatoes – chutney, sauce, passata, dried & …. – bring
some samples for others to try. We will provide some bread, crackers, cheese
and wine

March: Monday 4th Meeting @ 7:30PM – Guest Speaker – Marcus Ragus formerly of RTBG speaking about how plants communicate,plants having memory, upside down theory and the relationships between plants in nature.

March: Saturday 23rd (am) Government House visit at RTBG and after lunch a guided tour by Marcus Ragus through RTBG Gondwana section. Members to organise car pooling for transport.
Stan and Daniela Sheppard – Events Coordinators

February: Monday 4th Meeting @ 7:30PM – review and celebration of Cafe & Hall at Middleton Fair

January: Monday 21st Meeting @ 7:30PM – to organise Cafe and Hall – Middleton Fair

The Middleton Fair – Cancelled

This event is cancelled for further information please contact Jan Harrison on email